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Blue Area Rugs

Blue Area Rugs

Among the simplest ways to change the entire feel of a room is to use blue area rugs to complement the blue shades, accents, and undertones from the rest of the room.


There are many reasons that you might choose this type of floor covering for one of your own rooms.  First and foremost, of course, is style, but it also provides cushioning for your feet, keep the room warmer in winter, and adds a bit of soundproofing between the levels of the building, too.  They’re among the most functional pieces of decorating that you can buy.

As an accent, this practical piece can tie all of the rest of your decorating together.  Blue area rugs have a knack for bringing lots of different styles and patterns into one cohesive look.   They can also either bring together a single room, or tie the appearance and colors of two rooms together. This is why you might want to try combining colors such as a blue and red area rug or blue and green area rug.

Typically speaking, you will be able to find blue area rugs in sizes ranging from twenty four inches all the way up to ten feet.  This means that you can use them as a tiny accent in a small room or the base upon which a larger room’s style is built.  Depending on the shade, pattern, and style you choose, you can create completely different atmospheres in your room.  If you are attempting to achieve a specific look within a room, then the blue area rugs you select will make all the difference in the final product.

Different Blue Area Rugs For Different Decorating Styles

Try different kinds of blue area rugs depending on the style you’re going for.  For example, if you’re attempting to create a simpler, more country home appearance – perhaps in a kitchen – then a braided rug might be just the look you’re going for.  They can be hand made out of rags as they were traditionally, or you can find a less expensive machine-made option to do the trick. 

If you’re going for something fun and funky, a long shag blue area rug in a unique shape or pattern will instantly attract the eye and make a bold statement in your room.  Bright shades often do very well when you’re going for this look. Other fun and bold statements can be made by also mixing in splashes of other colors and expanding your options to include blue and pink area rugs or blue and black area rugs.

On the other hand, if you’d like a room to feel more luxurious, then the blue area rugs you choose should have a more subtle appearance. You might try a solid color in muted shades or deep dark hues. 

Thick oriental rugs will often bring that hint of luxury to a room even if the rest of its furnishings are quite simple otherwise.  In this style, the carpet will be useful in defining the space of the room and bringing the furniture groupings together.  For this reason, it works very well in living rooms and other areas where conversation spaces occur.


 August 05, 2020 

 Blue Area Rugs
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