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Green Area Rug

Green Area Rug

Earthy colors such as those established in a room by a green area rug can make a very fresh and soothing difference to many spaces and decorating styles. 

Just like with blue area rugs, green area rugs can warm your room in appearance and in temperature, giving your feet a nice soft place to rest even throughout those cold winter months.  However, blue area rugs can be a bit more subdued.

But, no matter what the color, you’ll be sure to have an attractive way to cut down noise from the room as well.  Of course, deciding that you want a floor cover is one thing; actually knowing which one you want is something altogether different.

There are many qualities and materials from which you will need to choose as you shop around for a green area rug.  Have a good look at the room in which you’d like to place it, measure the space, and look at the various shades already in the room.  If you can bring a swatch of the shades already in the room, you’ll already be ahead of the game.

Green Area Rug - Don't Forget About Quality

As you get started, you’ll want to think about quality.  Of course, the higher the quality, the more expensive it will be, so you’ll need to balance the best green area rug you can afford with the budget you actually have for the piece. The very top of the line in green or blue area rugs are Persian ones that have been hand-knotted.  They will last the longest and are unique in their staggering artistic beauty.  The more knots there are within each square-inch, the higher the quality will be.  The highest number of knots per square inch is around 1,200, though that can drop down as far as 40. 

Once you’ve decided on the quality, you can move on to whether you’d like a hand-made or machine-made rug (or one that is half man- and half machine-made).  The greater the amount of machine-made aspects in the green area rug, the cheaper it will be. That being said, if you do choose to go all out and buy a rug that is partially or wholly man-made, make sure that your floor covering candidate bears the “Rug Mark” on it so that you know that its manufacture was not involved in child labor.

When it comes to material, you’ll need to know what kind of traffic and wear the green area rug will receive.  If you have children and pets and receive many guests, creating a lot of traffic, scratches, and spills, then you’ll want an attractive yet less expensive rug that is stain resistant.  This means that while a green area rug made out of cotton may be soft and cheap, you should know that it will absorb and hang on to stains much more than other options.  If you insist on cotton, you might want something like dark blue area rugs so that the stains won’t show as much. On the other hand, wool will provide you with a gorgeous rug if you will have low traffic, such as in a formal room.

 August 05, 2020 

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