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Pink Area Rugs

Pink Area Rugs

When you have a little girl, you want to make sure that her bedroom is a special place for her from the floor up, so this effort begins with pink area rugs. 

After all, you want your little girl to feel like the princess that you know she really is.  That being said, she may not want princess decorating in her room for her entire life.  Therefore, though you may feel inclined to lay wall-to-wall carpeting, it is better to go for a smaller floor covering such as pink area rugs that can be replaced after a few years.

Just like in boys’ rooms, where blue area rugs are the standard, rooms for little girls become fun and feminine with pink area rugs too keep feet warm and play areas sweet. Not only can you choose a rectangle or square option, but there are lots of other fun shapes and shades from which to choose.

Pink Area Rugs - Decorating Options

You could decorate the floor with several circular pink area rugs for a polka-dot appearance (using all the same color or lots of different shades), or you can even try carpets with fun shapes such as dream castles, horse-drawn carriages, princess crowns, or favorite characters.  To make the experience even more fun, narrow down the options to a select few and allow your daughter to choose the one she likes the best for her own room.

Keep in mind that since your child will be playing directly on the pink area rugs, you’ll want them to be durable and stain resistant, yet soft.  You can find some braided rugs that are made from cottons and other soft fabrics, or you can even opt for chenille shag carpets for that ultra-soft cuddly result.  These will feel wonderful on her toes as she gets up every morning and will remind her that she truly is a princess.

Remember that if you don’t want to go as extreme as only pink area rugs, you can choose one that includes other colors, too.  For example, combination pink and blue area rugs. If the room won’t be exclusively pink, or if you’d like the rug to last through several decorating styles, then you can always choose one that features pink, but that also includes blues, purples, yellows, greens, or other pretty colors that are still feminine, but don’t limit you to pink alone.

Have a look at the bedding and accessories throughout the rest of the room and try to find a pink area rug that will be the best match.  If you already have princess bedding, a tulle canopy or curtain, and pink wall decorations, then all-pink or a combination with white will be the cherry on top.  However, if there are several different color elements to the room, then you have a great deal more maneuvering space in terms of the shades you can select.


 August 05, 2020 

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