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Red Area Rugs

Red Area Rug

When it comes to contemporary decorating, you just can’t go wrong with a red area rug.    

Though blue area rugs have been known to be soothing and are much more classic in their appearance, their red area rug counterparts make a bold and modern statement that is simply unequalled by the cooler shades.  Contemporary decorating is heading for yet another boom with barely a pause since its last spike in popularity.  One of the key draws to this style is that it is very customizable to unique personal taste and can be achieved on virtually any budget. 

Whether your current style includes stripes, polka-dots, flowers, solid colors, or no colors at all, a red area rug will give the room the contemporary oomph for that updated flare you’re seeking.  These days, the look is so popular that manufacturers have actually struggled to keep up with the number of orders for their product.  From designers to everyday generics brands, there has been a massive effort to produce enough of these pieces to cover all of the floors that need them. 

Selecting a contemporary red area rug is actually quite easy.  All you need to do is go with your taste.  Find out how big the space is that needs to be filled, have a look at the other shades in the room, discover which red will best complement them, and then know your budget.  Since these floor coverings come in virtually every material, no matter how much you want to spend there is an option out there for you. 

Just remember that if you want the best, that is, wool, you will be paying a great deal more than you would for cheaper materials such as cotton.  Do keep in mind that wool should only be kept to a low traffic area. Even if you want a fantastic rug, you might want to opt for another easy-care material such as polypropylene, olefin, or cotton for spaces that get a real pounding every day.

Red Area Rug Decorating Tips

There are a few little pointers that you can keep in mind when you are browsing through red area rugs for a contemporary room.  Of course, they’re the same as the ones you’d follow for blue area rugs as well, but when it comes to contemporary decorating, there are some rules of thumb.

Firstly, the smaller the room, the smaller the pattern on the red area rug.  Larger patterns shrink a room, so if you’re already working with a limited space, it’s best not to make it appear even smaller.

Next, if a room is very large, use a simpler pattern.  By filling a very large space with a busy pattern, the look will be overwhelming and busy.  A cleaner appearance is best when you’re working with larger rooms.

Lastly, when you’re installing a red area rug, make sure that it is the primary bold statement in the room.  Red can also be used in some smaller accent pieces, but don’t try to add furniture that matches the shade as well – keep the large pieces in the room neutral or black. And if totally bright red area rugs scare you, then consider toning it down through color combinations such as red and blue area rugs.

 June 28, 2020 

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